Schober family from Arnau

Schober family from Arnau

Beitragvon jschober » Sa 5. Mär 2011, 21:44

I am searching for my Schober ancestors who were from Arnau (Hostinne).
My great great grandfather Johann Schober b. 5 September 1853 (or 1854) in Arnau came to US about 1881.
Also had a brother Franz (Frank) and another brother who was killed in the military around 1879-1880.
Johan married his brother's widow Wilhelmina. She had two sons born in Arnau from first Schober husband.
Johan Heinrich b. 19 November 1876 and Joseph b. 19 September 1878.
I am looking for any information on the family or about Arnau. I have a number of photos from the family album
that were taken in Arnau, Hohenelbe and Trautenau if they may help find information.
Jamie Schober, Wisconsin USA

page 20a not sure maybe schobers left in austria.jpg
Perhaps brother Franz and his family

page 25ba John Schober parents and brother.jpg
Johan Schober's parents and possibly brother Franz

page 9a  Mina and John a.jpg
Johan Schober, wife Wilhelmina sitted with daughter Marie, taken shortly after arriving in US
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Re: Schober family from Arnau

Beitragvon cornelia » So 6. Mär 2011, 00:03

Hello Jamie,

welcome here ;)
You have really nice fotos.
Would you be able to read german?

Ich freue mich auf Hinweise über:
Siegel (Radowenz, Parschnitz, Warnsdorf)
Dworzak (Parschnitz)
Laux (Parschnitz, Neupaka)
Püschel, Eiselt, Wenzel (Radowenz)
Exner (Forst)
Kober (Salnai)
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Re: Schober family from Arnau

Beitragvon jschober » So 6. Mär 2011, 01:20

Thank You Cornelia,
I have more photos but like the ones shown, I don't have names yet.
I know a few words, but am able to translate online. I have a person that can do some translating for me if I get stuck.
I have reviewed some of the parish records from Cermna which is near Arnau and have found many Schobers.
The dates that I know do not match the ones in the records so I have not been to make a positive link yet.
best regards
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